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At Taxes By George we take care of your taxes as if they were our own and we guarantee accuracy and the greatest possible benefits. We also provide you with a plan to avoid problems in the future.


¡We are committed to making your tax season a fun season.!



We offer the most accurate income tax return with the highest refund possible.


Send us your tax forms (W-2, 1099, K1, 1095-A) and your personal information and we will begin calculating the best possible return.


Satisfaction guaranteed

If we make an error when preparing your return and this results in penalties and interest, we will refund the penalty initially received.


Refunds in record time

We offer a variety of alternatives to receive your refund, from the Express Return service for up to $1,500.00 in less than 24 hours to our Regular Express Return service, with direct deposit, check, prepaid Visa card or even cash..

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We prepare your taxes in 3 easy steps

Our team of expert tax preparers is ready to make your income tax filing process easy, simple and hassle-free.

Send us your tax forms (W-2, K-1, 1099, etc.) and your personal information

Approve the tax estimate and service fee

Decide how you want to receive your refund and how to pay


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  • Ricardo Gonzalez Escalona
    "Professionalism, tax knowledge, personalized attention and service, are among the many features that define Taxes by George. They assist you on your personal and corporate tax return, being the best team I can recommend!"
    Ricardo Gonzalez Escalona
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    Lousiana Carmona
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    Mario Lomaglio
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    Patricia Lara
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    Mirella Larotonda